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    Add any of the following options to your craft brew tour for the exclusive experience.

Brewery Production Tours*

Enjoy a behind the scenes look into craft beer production at Southern California’s leading craft breweries. Take a guided tour of fermentation, bottling, and distribution on the Anaheim and San Clemente craft brew tours.

(available Saturday - Sunday).

Sours and Barrel Room Tour*

Take a one of kind look into the world of sour brews at a brewery that specializes in the unique process. Learn how craft breweries are using similar techniques to winemakers in creating unique sour brews on the Anaheim tour.

(Available Monday - Sunday)

Take Home Your Brew Tasting Glasses*

Take home memories with your commemorative logo brew glass. A great conversation piece with family and friends for a craft brew aficionado.

Inclusive Craft Brew Tastings

Include the latest and greatest craft brew tastings at each brewery on your tour. Including the brew tastings will help guests in your group find a new favorite they love they otherwise may not have sampled.

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